Game of Thrones

  1. favorite location
    - Winterfell
  2. character you feel the need to defend
    - Sansa Stark
  3. a scene you want to see on the show
    - Don't know, all in the books? ^_^
  4. character you grew to love that you previously hated/were indifferent to
    - Tyrion Lannister
  5. favorite house motto
    - Winter is coming - Stark's house
  6. characters you wish would interact
    - Arya Stark and Daenerys Targaryen
  7. favorite promotional photo from the show
  8. most exciting pov (from one book or the entire series)
    - Have no idea
  9. scariest creature
    - Hodor, haha no. Maby the dothraki.
  10. favorite bastard
    - Jon Snow without doubt.
  11. outfit or costume you think is the prettiest
  12. best player at the game of thrones
    - All the Stark
  13. most powerful lines
    - Stark and Targaryen
  14. song that reminds you of your favorite ship
    - Don't know, love them all.
  15. house or group you’d want to be part of
    - Staaaaark!
  16. favorite non-westerosi nation
    - Qarth
  17. faith you’d worship
    - Hard one
  18. favorite story from the history or founding of a house
    - About the white walkers
  19. most moving moment
    - Love all of them
  20. best soldier/warrior
    - Robb Stark and Jon Snow
  21. character most in need of a break (from the plot or the fans)
    - The little shithead Joffrey
  22. most accurately portrayed character on the show
    - Aah dunno
  23. funniest moment
    - There's so many, but when Cersei and Tyrion Lannister slaps Joffrey :D
  24. favorite memory shared by any character
    - When Sansa lost Lady and Arya lost Nymeria.
  25. favorite plot twist
    - Arya who left Kings landing
  26. lines you wish hadn’t been cut from the show
    - Dunno, haven't read the books and looked at the show at the same time.
  27. favorite character
    - Arya Stark, Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen
  28. worst execution
    - Ned Stark's
  29. which king (or queen) you’d bend the knee to
    - Robb Stark
  30. your headcanon endgame
    - Meh, need to think about this q!