Game of Thrones

  1. favorite location
    - Winterfell
  2. character you feel the need to defend
    - Sansa Stark
  3. a scene you want to see on the show
    - Don't know, all in the books? ^_^
  4. character you grew to love that you previously hated/were indifferent to
    - Tyrion Lannister
  5. favorite house motto
    - Winter is coming - Stark's house
  6. characters you wish would interact
    - Arya Stark and Daenerys Targaryen
  7. favorite promotional photo from the show
  8. most exciting pov (from one book or the entire series)
    - Have no idea
  9. scariest creature
    - Hodor, haha no. Maby the dothraki.
  10. favorite bastard
    - Jon Snow without doubt.
  11. outfit or costume you think is the prettiest
  12. best player at the game of thrones
    - All the Stark
  13. most powerful lines
    - Stark and Targaryen
  14. song that reminds you of your favorite ship
    - Don't know, love them all.
  15. house or group you’d want to be part of
    - Staaaaark!
  16. favorite non-westerosi nation
    - Qarth
  17. faith you’d worship
    - Hard one
  18. favorite story from the history or founding of a house
    - About the white walkers
  19. most moving moment
    - Love all of them
  20. best soldier/warrior
    - Robb Stark and Jon Snow
  21. character most in need of a break (from the plot or the fans)
    - The little shithead Joffrey
  22. most accurately portrayed character on the show
    - Aah dunno
  23. funniest moment
    - There's so many, but when Cersei and Tyrion Lannister slaps Joffrey :D
  24. favorite memory shared by any character
    - When Sansa lost Lady and Arya lost Nymeria.
  25. favorite plot twist
    - Arya who left Kings landing
  26. lines you wish hadn’t been cut from the show
    - Dunno, haven't read the books and looked at the show at the same time.
  27. favorite character
    - Arya Stark, Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen
  28. worst execution
    - Ned Stark's
  29. which king (or queen) you’d bend the knee to
    - Robb Stark
  30. your headcanon endgame
    - Meh, need to think about this q!

Äter ute

Jag mår bra

Tror ingen anar hur bra jag faktiskt mår. Har en underbar pojkvän, underbar familj, underbara vänner och grymma betyg. Jag mår så jäkla bra just nu faktiskt! Livet bara flyter på. Inte nog med det ska jag och Niclas dra ut och äta. Han som bjuder ♥ ikväll blir det gymma, ska blir as skönt faktiskt! Saknat gymmet som satan!! Haha. Och så ser de ut nu! :)